About Delta 4Security


Our Company is  member of Dassouki Group ,headquarters are based in Damascus at city centre. The company has ever since been developed to become a specialized engineering, sales, contracting and services company operating in the field of safety and security.

We take pride with the high caliber team of experts and professionals who are profoundly trained to constantly serve clients round the clock. We also enjoy long-term and distinguished partnerships with multi-national renowned companies. The core of competence for our group lurks with its credibility and professionalism.


Who We Are

Delta 4 Security is an eminent leader in the safety and security field with a high profile prevailing in the Syrian market. we have been involved in serving our customers and in empowering them with the business insights and solutions for their projects to serve their needs.

Our mission

Our mission is to place Delta 4 Security at the forefront of the Syrian security industry in the delivery of integrated security solutions and services. We will achieve and maintain a significant market share through delivery of quality services and competitive pricing. We will do this through experienced and skilled employees, through our reliability, integrity, and customer care and through innovative application of technology.

Our Goals

Our aim is consistently to achieve customer satisfaction, employee loyalty and sustained profitability.
This will be based on the following foundations:
Optimal use of local knowledge
Customer focus
Pool of expertise
Performance and performance monitoring through KPI
Employing best people

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